She Triumphs


When her heart aches for his touch, but he is no where to be found.

She crawls into her bed, curling into the tightest ball gripping the pillows tightly toward her.

She continues to slumber while contemplating about what life could have been.

Then she realizes something,…….she is ENOUGH!

She finally finds her self worth, its more precious than gold.

A swirling of emotions come over her as she realizes her purpose.

She stands tall against the elements of this world, a world full of hatred, deceit, blame, and envy. Where everyone is so bound with hurt and afraid to love.

She is not afraid to love, for her heart has been shattered many times before, just for her to pick up the pieces carefully and put herself back together once again.

Her heart is scarred. The scars are reminders of how she got the victory to move forward and love again.

~ Megan Sweets



Size 6″ Tall X 5″ Wide

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